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Studying for Success: Study tips for throughout the school year

Getting into your dream college is going to require hard work throughout the school year. Studying isn’t exactly the most fun activity, but it’s necessary to become successful in your future career. Before you hit the books, read over our studying tips to make the process easy and effective.

Create a Schedule

Only studying the night before the assessment is not a good idea. Not only will it do little in helping you remember information, but it might make you even more stressed. Realizing that you have one night to remember tons of information can cause severe test anxiety. Create a schedule where you study sections at a time leading up to the test. That way you have plenty of time to cover topics at a slower pace rather than all at once.

Don’t Study on Your Bed!

You might be tempted to study in the comfiest spot possible—your bed. While it’s not bad to be comfortable for a study session, your bed is not the best place. Your brain attributes your bed with rest, which can actually slow down your brain if you choose to sit on your bed to be productive. Try making a desk area with a comfortable chair and a clean workspace for your studying destination.

Take Breaks

Sitting for hours is not only hard on your body, but your brain, too. Take frequent breaks while you’re studying to stand up, stretch, or grab a snack. This is a great way to reset your focus to continue your study sessions without becoming too tired.

Use Lists

Even if you aren’t the most organized person, it’s very important to have a list of what you should be studying in order to make the most of your time. Write down exactly what the test will cover in order of importance. That way, you begin with the most important content and work your way to the most important details.

We hope these tips help you for your next study session. Wondering how you’re supposed to study for the SAT or ACT? Reach out to Test Prep for Success to start preparing for your upcoming standardized exams.