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More ACT dates for Fall 2020

SAT Diagnostic test

New ACT dates added

Here’s some good news for rising seniors: the ACT is adding more test dates.  This means that if you want to take the test to enhance your college applications, you will have the opportunity to take the test multiple times.  Here are the dates that the ACT is offering for this fall.

  • September 12
  • September 19 (new)
  • October 10 (new)
  • October 17 (new)
  • October 24
  • December 12

Registration for these tests will open in the last week of July.  If you’re interested in taking the ACT on one of these dates, sign up for an email notification when registration opens.  You can also check out the ACT’s official press release for more details.


Should you register for these ACT dates if your school is test optional?

It’s true that the majority of colleges, including all 8 ivies, have adopted a test optional policy.  This can mean something slightly different at each school, but typically it means that applications will be accepted and considered even if there are no SAT or ACT scores.  So the short answer is yes, you can sleep in on the ACT dates and still apply to Harvard and Princeton.  The longer answer is that if you want to be accepted to a highly selective school, you need to find creative and deliberate ways to make your application stand out from the crowd.  Including high test scores when much of your competition doesn’t is one way to accomplish this.  Furthermore, there is minimal risk associated with taking the ACT and SAT because if you don’t get the score you hoped, the college never needs to know about it. So, if you have your eye on a selective school and think you can score well on a test, signing up for one more of these ACT test dates is a strategy you should consider.


Help with ACT prep

If you do decide to take the ACT on one of these dates, Test Prep for Success is here to help you get a great score.  Whether you are interested in a tutoring program, classes, or just taking a practice test, you can turn to Test Prep for Success to help you get there.  Check out our website, or make an appointment for a 15 minute phone call, to learn how we can help you prepare for your personal best.


News posted: June 24, 2020