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SAT Power Class

Event Details

This event finished on 29 November 2023

SAT and ACT Power Classes

These once-and-done classes are usually scheduled on the week leading up to a National Test Day.  The emphasis is on timed drills and getting into the right mindset for Test Day: calm, confident, and ready.

Register for all of our classes by purchasing a Complete Test Prep Package, a Condensed Test Prep Package, or a Classes & Tests Package.   We will get in touch with you to ask exactly which classes you’d like to attend.

Power Class Class Schedule for 2023

May 31 – Prep for June SAT

June 7 – Prep for June ACT

Aug 23 – Prep for Aug SAT

Oct 25 – Prep for Oct ACT

Nov 1 – Prep for Nov SAT

Nov 29 – Prep for Dec SAT

Dec 6 – Prep for Dec ACT

All times listed in Eastern (UTC-4).